Wedding Planning Tips For The Bride To Be

Whenever you are planning for a spectacular wedding party, it would necessarily take a little bit of creativity, a lot of enthusiasm and plenty of extra preparation just before that planned wedding day. You should have a fun wedding reception through which the bride to be and soon-to-be husband will be able to meet, greet and thank the family, close friends and even the colleagues for their wishes to the newlywed couple. Everyone who takes part in the preparation of the reception will have fond reminiscences of the wedding even for the years to come.

Planning The Guest List

As for the guest list, what you can do is to make a note of your list of relatives and closest friends that you are planning to invite. Be sure that you send your wedding invitations as early as possible for at least 2-4 weeks ahead of the designated wedding date. A wise option would be to keep some extra invitation cards along with you. Just in case you need an extra to someone you haven’t invited to your wedding. . By doing this you can hand the invitation card directly to him or her. Planning ahead helps to make sure the ones you love will achieve optimal fun, excitement and wonderful memories on that special day.

You may ask every person you know to help you plan on various aspects of your wedding event. Those people who adore you will be more than willing to give a little bit of their time to help you and your partner in the planning stage. You and your closest friends can create DIY party adornments, choose the menu (food and drinks) and even to the luscious desserts. It is going to give everyone a good opportunity to come together and spend some quality time talking about “how you want that special day to be”.

For the theme, you should decide on a theme for your wedding reception which maintains the overall elegance, personal taste and style. Your concept does not have to be opulent or very pricey. You could even plan a wedding reception held at a favorite local venue that is well recommended by most of your friends and colleagues.

Where Is The Venue?

In Melbourne, one of the top recommended function venues Melbourne is no other than Marrakech Cocktail bar. They currently offer various types of party packages that will suit in anyone’s spending budget. You can even opt for a limousine ride for you and your bride-to-be. They also have entertainment options along with long island drinks for each and everyone to enjoy. And that’s not all; you can even make reservations on their VIP rooms for a more glamorous yet secluded type of party. If someone makes reservations far enough in advance, you can always grab a special offer from them.  Keep in mind that you have to choose the venue that meets your needs and the one that would fit in your budget. The most important part is that you and everybody you love enjoy the fun of the party.

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